Monday, June 10, 2019

Fragrance Diary #2

Notes :
- SOTM > Scent of The Morning (pagi)
- SOTD > Scent of The Day (siang)

Monday, June 3
> SOTD: Ralph Lauren Romance
There’s a new yoga class opens in my building yay! I just registered today and it starts this Saturday.
Anyway, I’m cooking spaghetti bolognese and rosemary-thyme chicken for dinner tonight. Yumm! Hubby really loves my rosemary chicken and he always asks for more, LOL. Been wearing Ralph Lauren Romance all day today because I want to finish it since it only has a few spritzes left!

Tuesday, June 4
> SOTD: Thierry Mugler Angel
We planned to watch a movie at the cinema tonight but unfortunately we missed the late afternoon show. So we end up eating McDonalds new spicy chicken which was super super hot-in-your-throat spicy!! For sotd I’m wearing Thierry Mugler Angel today to try it for the third time. More of my thoughts about this in my preview post!

Wednesday, June 5
> SOTD: Davidoff Cool Water
Retrieving my packages today! I got some new decants (and a couple vials for H). We then also went to the vegetable stall to buy some fresh produce but it was closed ๐Ÿ˜ So we bought coffee at nearby stall instead..
Anyway Today was so effing hot and the only perfume that is suitable for this super duper hot sweltering day is Davidoff Cool Water. That’s the only thing on my mind when I finished my shower this morning. Coolwater on a hot bright day like this = superb๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

Thursday, June 6
> SOTD: Miss Dior Cherie
I just received my first ever Miss Dior Cherie in the mail today (along with another vial of Creed’s Aventus - H’s favorite) in the miniature bottle. I tried it immediately on my wrist and I think it smells lovely enough to wear daily but it would be more special for events and occasions. It’s one of those classic scent that you might probably already smelled before, but still it remains classy and sopshisticated. A timeless elegancy that lasts quite well on my skin. Will do a full review soon!

Friday, June 7
> SOTD: D&G 3 L’Imperatrice
So much to do today. Gotta prepare for my yoga class tomorrow (the last time I attended yoga class was years ago), and also there’s laundry to be done today, and I have to look for gifts for my nephews, and lastly I have to plan my outfit for the weekend (as I’m the type who plans their outfit early).
I’m wearing my new D&G L’Imperatrice today as it is so so so fresh and fruitful, perfect for the spring. I love this from the first spray!

Saturday, June 8
> SOTM: L’eau d’Issey
I did a 1.5 hours of yoga class this morning, and then went home to find that H cooked me lunch! Yay! Anyway I wore this L’eau D’Issey perfume from Issey Miyake for my workout class because this perfume feels very refreshing and uplifting. The green ozonic scent is invigorating, making my mind and body feels fresh too!
> SOTD: D&G Light Blue
Then after lunch I did a thorough spring cleaning on my wardrobe room while H helped cleaned up the house. It was such a productive day, I feel so energised and upbeat especially when wearing D&G Light Blue on this hot sunny day.

Sunday, June 9 
> SOTD: Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
Went to the cake shop & patisserie today because I’ve been wanting chocolate cake since last night when I accidentally browsed some cake shops. So we went and got a choco brownies cake. I wore the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy because it has a sweet gourmand aroma which I think is suitable for my cakeshop-mood today.


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