Sunday, September 1, 2019

Fragrance Diary #3

Hello, and welcome back to my Fragrance Diary. This is the third edition of my Fragrance Diary series. And as usual, this series will be written in English. Let's start !


Notes :
- SOTM > Scent of The Morning (pagi)
- SOTD > Scent of The Day (siang)

Monday, August 26 : Car Errands & Meet Up with In-Laws
> SOTD : Serge Lutens Chergui (try on)
Gotta get our car to the dealer this morning because they need to replace the airbag. Then at noon we went to meet up with hubby’s parents. I chose to try out Serge Lutens Chergui today. A unique scent that actually thrives more the longer I wore it on my skin. I’m gonna test this out again soon to gather my thoughts.

Tuesday, August 27 : At Home, Not Feeling Well
> SOTN : Blossoms Limon Glacé
I wasn't feeling very well today, looks like I’m about to have the flu (oh no!), so I need to pile up on the vitamin C and honey, and will probably took some rest today. To help me forget about the flu I went with something that smells good to my nose. I love this Limon Glacé from Blossoms perfume that I got from the souvenir store at Gardens by The Bay Singapore. I really love the bottle with the flower petals inside. And I didn't have a roll-on perfume, so thats why I bought it. This smells good to my nose but doesn't last that long on my skin. But it definitely lasts longer on my clothes. After the scent is long gone from my wrist I can still smell it on my clothes :)

Wednesday, August 28 : At Home
> SOTD : Katy Perry Killer Queen
I don't have any outings to do today just some house errands and blogging. So I wore a simple perfume today, the Katy Perry Killer Queen. No special reason, just trying to finish this off. It’s a nice smelling fruity floral fragrance but I just don't feel anything special from it so I mostly wear this at home. I just want to finish this quickly so I can replace it with a new fragrance. 

Thursday, August 29 : Meet Up with my Friend
> SOTD : Jimmy Choo Flash
I’m meeting up with an old friend from elementary school today. We also went to the same junior high school. I wore a new casual white linen suit I just bought last Sunday from a bazaar and chose to wear Jimmy Choo Flash today. I feel like a modern successful woman when I wore Jimmy Choo Flash, LoL (I am so far from success, I just love to feel like it 😜).

Friday, August 30 : Meet Up with Cousins
> SOTD : L’Occitane Verveine 
I had a productive day today. Then in the evening I got a call from my cousin who asked me if we can meet up with her and her family for a quick impromptu because they were in the area close to where we lived. So I changed up quickly and sprayed some easy to wear fragrance which was the L’Occitane Verveine which is a Lemon Verbena scent. I felt like a citrus burst in the dark of the night, Lol.

Saturday, August 31 : House Cleaning
> SOTD : BCBG Max Azria 
Half day house cleaning today and then went out for a super late lunch. After lunch we did some photoshoots for the blog. I wore BCBG Max Azria today. Doesn’t have any specific reason, just felt like I haven’t sprayed this in a long time and I feel sorry for her being left out (;p)

Sunday, Sept 1 : Laundry Day & Quality Time with Mom
> SOTD : Burberry Brit Rythm Floral
Sunday is laundry day. We also went to my mom’s house to visit her and see the new kitties! Our cat just had babies - they were so cute! For the sunny weekend day I decided to wear my Burberry Brit Rhythm, a fresh floral fragrance perfect for the clear day weather :)


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