Saturday, March 16, 2019

Fragrance Diary #1

Kali ini saya mau bikin blog series baru nih, judulnya "Fragrance Diary". Jadi sebenernya saya udah pernah bikin blog series Fragrance Diary ini di blog saya yang satunya lagi : Two Thousand Things (fashion & beauty blog). Tapi karena mau fokus soal perfume di blog ini jadi blog series tersebut saya mau pindahin kesini aja. So untuk seterusnya series Fragrance Diary ini akan tayang di blog yang ini :)

Sooo buat yang gak ngikutin blog Two Thousand Things atau buat yang belum tau tentang Fragrance Diary, jadi di blog series ini isinya "ceritanya" adalah mini diary keseharian saya + pilihan parfum yang saya pakai hari itu. Jadi kurang lebih tentang rotasi parfum yang biasa saya pakai dalam seminggu. Karena saya orangnya suka gonta-ganti parfum (biar parfum saya terpakai semua nggak ada yang dianggurin) maka biasanya saya suka rotasi parfum setiap harinya (depending on occasion, mood, style baju atau cuaca hari itu). Eh tapi ini bukannya sombong loh ya, tapi memang kebetulan saya koleksi parfum karena saya suka sama yang serba wangi-wangi gitu, dan kebetulan saya juga punya banyak sample parfum karena kan memang berniat koleksi, nah jadinya saya punya lumayan banyak pilihan untuk dipakai sehari-harinya. Dan alasan lain saya suka ganti-ganti / rotasi parfum karena supaya semua parfum saya terpakai, jadi bukan pajangan doang gitu lho hehe.. Oya, saya pakai parfum setiap hari walaupun cuma di rumah aja (kecuali lagi sakit atau lagi kerja rodi beberes rumah 😉).

PS : Khusus untuk Fragrance Diary ini mohon maaf kalau saya pakai bahasa Inggris, alasannya bukan karena sok keminggrisan tapi lebih karena saya malas translate lagi hehe (karena ini aslinya adalah "mini diary" yang saya tulis di notes HP, jadi intinya saya malas translate dan maunya copy-paste ajah hehe Maapkann... )

Ya udah lah ya, kita mulai ajah ...


Notes :
- SOTD > Scent of The Day (pagi/siang)
- SOTE > Scent of The Evening (malam)

Monday, March 4
> SOTD : -
Too tired to function today because we just got home late in the evening yesterday from out of town, so I spent today mostly resting on my bed. So no perfume for today.

Tuesday, March 5
> SOTE : The Body Shop White Musk
I end up being a little bit unwell, maybe because my body is still tired from last weekend’s trip and I think I caught a flu bug too. Hubby also not feeling well so he didn't go to work today. We both spent the day resting at home and ordered delivery food. Still no perfume for today except for a little spritzes of TBS white musk before sleep (this is one of my "go-to-bed" perfume).

Wednesday, March 6
> SOTD : Davidoff Coolwater
We’re feeling better today. H went to work and I spent the day behind my laptop, catching some late blogging tasks and replying emails. I spritzed on some Davidoff Coolwater to help me get in the mood for work.

Thursday, March 7
> SOTD : Abercrombie & Fitch 1st instinct
We planned to go to the cobbler again today, as well as the electricity store, but it was raining hard when we’re about to leave so we had to postponed it. The road was also fully jammed of traffic because of the rain, so we don't want to be stucked in the traffic at night anyway. So we ended up watching Jumanji 2 at home - which was so good and funny, we really enjoyed it. SOTD was Abercrombie 1st Instinct because I just love the simple scent of fresh soft goodness of it. I’m really thinking of buying the full size bottle now.

Friday, March 8
> SOTD : Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay
Tomorrow is a long weekend, yay! We finally went to the cobbler and electricity store today. And then we had lunch at "Thai Street", a new Thai restaurant in town, followed by 2 hrs of good karaoke! Haha.. I currently love most of the songs from The Greatest Showman on Earth movie. I didn’t know Wolverine could sing that well! Anyway my sotd for the whole afternoon was Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay, and it was the last spritzes of the vial tube. I better get the bigger bottle of this soon!
> SOTE : Commodity Gold
Anyway, later in the wee hours of the morning (at around 2 am) we went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Bazaar at ICE BSD. It’s an annual 24hrs book bazaar that opens non stop for a week or so, and after midnite is the best time to go if you want to avoid the heavy crowd. Anyway I changed up my perfume and wore Commodity Gold just before we left for the book bazaar. And you know what? Everybody smells good at the book bazaar. I kept on smelling nice perfumes on everybody else around me at the bazaar. I smelled different perfumes but I really enjoyed them all. Am I weird to be enjoying the smell of strangers that stands around me? Hehe..

Saturday, March 9
> SOTD : Chloe edp
Woke up late today because we just got home at 4:30 am last night from the Big Bad Wolf. Later in the afternoon we went to our grandma’s graveyard with my mom, then had early dinner at Soto Kudus (which brings back childhood memories when my aunt used to take me & her only daughter to eat soto kudus whenever I slept over at their house). I wore Chloe edp because that’s one of the perfume that would last long on me, from morning til night. It’s defo one of my fave.

Sunday, March 10
> SOTD : Abercrombie & Fitch 1st Instinct
Went to my in law’s house today and then we all went out to Alam Sutera for a chinese food lunch, followed with coffee at Starbucks (and a little shopping spree at Miniso & Cotton On!). Then we also went grocery shopping around late afternoon with my bro n sis in law. I wore Abercrombie 1st instinct in the morning and forgot to change my perfume when we go out. I usually opted for something stronger whenever I go out and this Abercrombie is rather a soft fresh scent that I think would be too subtle to wear to busy places (such as malls and big supermarkets) because then you won’t even smell your own fragrance. I went home with some shopping bags though! So, still happy .. :) LOL


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