Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fragrance Diary #4

Notes :
- SOTD > Scent of The Day (pagi/siang)
- SOTE > Scent of The Evening (malam)


> SOTD : Mon Guerlain (1st try out)
I totally revamped my wardrobe room and been rearranging and decluttering the room since yesterday. When I was decluttering I found some perfume samples that I haven’t even tried yet, so today I decided to try one of them. My pick is the Mon Guerlain. This is my first time trying it out. I like the opening and the mid notes, but not so sure on the base notes because it reminds me of another perfume very similar to this one (but I cannot recall which perfume it resembles). Will try this perfume again later on, as I’m still trying it out.

> SOTD : Coach edp 
I have some packages to be sent and some errands to do today, but nowhere fancy though. So I chose an easy going scent today which is the Coach edp. Always love the fresh floral opening of this one. I’m still contemplating whether or not I should buy the full size of this because it smells great and I really love the scent, but it just doesn’t last long under Jakarta’s hot weather. It does linger a little bit longer on clothing, but evaporates rather quickly on my skin especially when the weather is hot and humid (which is ehm, everyday weather..).

> SOTE : Miniso Meeting You
Because the Coach edp is not long lasting on me so I put on another perfume in the evening. I felt like getting the flu so I need a good night sleep, hence I chose the Miniso Meeting You because it is such a soft and delicate perfume. The fragrance is so soft and delicate it wont make me dizzy and would help me relax instead, so I can have a good night rest. This is my current fave going-to-bed perfume :)

> SOTD : L’eau d’ Issey
After watching Kathleen Lights perfume collection youtube video I want to revisit some of my old perfumes that I rarely wore. So I chose L’eau D’Issey today because I haven’t worn this in a long time. I usually wore this perfume (or the Burberry brit Rhytm) for workout class or when I do some sports because of the fresh aquatic notes in it. But I haven't workout for a looong time (LOL) and that’s why I haven't worn this perfume for a long time too ;) 
So glad I wore this today, it’s always lovely smelling something that you’re familiar with..

> SOTD : Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy
After rearranging my wardrobe room a couple days ago I managed to gather all my loose samples and put them in one container so that it would be easier for me to see and pick them out. Today I asked hubby to pick one sample for me from that container. I asked him to choose which perfume that he would like me to wear for the day. He sniffed a couple of the samples without seeing the name of the samples first, and chose one that he immediately likes. His sample choice was none other than Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy. I should’ve known better because he always drawn to that particular perfume, hehe... I have the full size bottle of Viva La Juicy and every time I wore it he always compliments me. So I guess his favorite perfume out of my collection is the Viva La Juicy :)

> SOTD : mix of Jo Malone Wild Bluebell & Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
Went out for some errands today. I thought of mixing up my perfumes a little bit as I was new to this perfume layering business. I chose to layer Jo Malone Wild Bluebell & Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream. The result is a very fresh fruity floral scent. I think this mix brings up the floral notes even more, with the fresh MJ Daisy Dream scent lingering underneath. I kinda like it, although slightly a bit too floral for my taste, but I could enjoy it. I keep smelling the fresh florals, like I just got out of a heavily-scented flower bath.

> SOTD : Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis Forte (1st try out)
Today we went to the cafe to meet up with our cousin in the afternoon. A short meet-up but still very happy to be able to make our time to catch up. The cafe we visited was also quite cozy and has a homey feel to it. I wore MFK Aqua Universalis Forte today. My first time trying it out (and my first introduction to MFK fragrances too!). Will review this soon but my 1st impression is : like the name suggests, this is a very fresh aquatic notes like a "rain shower" feels.

> SOTD : Creed Silver Mountain Water (1st try out)
Went to the Aeon mall to meet up with the family today. It was a nice sunday. After the mall visit we had sandwiches at Quiznos. I still think "Subway" is the best regarding sandwiches though (hehe). Anyway, I wore another "first time try-out" today: Creed Silver Mountain Water. I originally bought a vial of this for my hubby to try, but upon sniffing it on the paper card I just fell in love immediately with the scent. Then I decided that I should try wearing this one too!! Because I think this is the BEST Creed scent I ever smelled (oh wait, this and the GIT (Green Irish Tweed) are the two best Creed fragrances according to my nose hehe). Will review all the Creed fragrances we’ve tried so far soon!


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